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Posted on Oct 26, 2012 06:09AM
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Looking for a very affordable catering?!?
I suggest, CHOOSE SOMEONE ELSE!!! if you don't like to experience the inconvenience of the services they've provided to us!!!

I PAID for their "catering services" for 60 people (for food; tables & chairs included) and expected that they know what they are doing!!

Made a couple of food taste, and I can tell, the food is great!

But on the day of the event, don't expect that what you've paid for will be provided by the "catering services" by the flowering words of PAULET.

Tables and chairs provided was only for 45-50 people!!! so where do you expect to let my other visitors sit and eat?!
they however, provided tables 'at their own expense', TABLES FOR THE LECHON AND CAKE!!! what the? SO WHERE'S THE TABLES AND CHAIRS for the other guests?!?!

Day before the event, she suggested to use the tables provided by the resort which "I think is enough" but since I added 10 more's never enough!

I SO MUCH EXPECTED THAT THE CATERER KNOWS BETTER!!! THEY ARE THE CATERER! THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER!!! SO WHAT'S THE USE OF THE OCULAR VISIT?!!? WASTING TIME? and now, you blame us for the tables and chairs and that you've paid out of pocket for what? tables?! were the "TABLES" used by my visitors?! Besides, I have other things to arrange besides than your no-use "catering services".

And abt the food... the food taste great only during food tasting, but dont get deceived! Don't expect that it tastes the same on the day of the event as it tastes BLAND, NO FLAVOR and it's COLD!! Spaghetti tastes like KETCHUP!!

who likes to eat COLD FOOD?!? may CHAFING DISH nga, wala namang BURNER! pathetic!

And for the other extras I ordered, such as 2pcs cupcake towers (200 each for rental) for the cupcakes and the cupcake souvenirs... THEY ONLY PROVIDED 1!!!

And for the balloons... PAULET said "20 FREE BALLOONS if you reserve early!" I was thinking that the ballons were the only design of the said event, so I ordered additional 20 more on top of the 20 "FREE" balloons. But guess what? yup! expect what you expect the worst! we only get 10 FREE BALLOONS and worst, less than 10 balloons were on the scene, God knows where the PAID balloons were?!?

On the day of the event, PAULET promised 500 refund for all this nonsense INCONVENIENCE. Well, as expected, it's ALL WORDS! TODAY IS THE SECOND MONTH, AND UP UNTIL TODAY... SHE LETs YOU ANTICIPATE FOR NOTHING!

Well, after being said all this...

Thank you PAULET for the inconvenience, the wasted time, the money YOU took from us without the extras provided, the cold food and for the very poor service you left us (as you have to tell them everything they need to do!).

I hope this will not be experienced by others who wants your "cheap services" as you will DEFINITELY have "cheap services".

and I hope your so-called "Php500 refund" will make you rich.
Thanks for doing business w/ u as MY Caterer.






Marlette15 replied on October 28, 2012 07:59PM

hello mam hope your happy about what youve done, degraded my business reputation!...Im so sorry if you feel that all but as far as I know i gave all the requirements we agreed except for the 1 cake tower i did not intentionally know that it is two because you only rented 1 before tru text then a day before u said u texted me another 1 cake tower  ( sory po d ko un naintindihan ) ur FREE tarpaulin is the 5x2 size and u got free centerpiece for booking early 50 person, 3 days befor the event you texted me that u will add 10 person outside the contract and the bubble machine, I remeber your husband agreed that we can use the chairs and table of the resort but i will provide the cover ( i confirmed it to you tru text also because we are far to antipolo to go bak for the chairs because we have only small service van before the event took place) I also rented the cake and lechon table  because you told me that day so I gave it para po d nakakahiya sa inyo, one more thing mam we have provided you white and blue rubberized baloon but we are in the opebn area in the peak of the antipolo mountains ( open area po, mahangin) and all the baloons are getting off in the stick so we decided to put it in the pool area  d nyo po kase nkita kaya akala nyo po d un ginawa nsa resort room po kayu noon mam.

to make this things short I promised to deposit 500 pesos in ur account para po d nman nkakahiya sa inyo sa sinasabi nyo na d ko nabigay na baloons  at cake tower worth 200.00 for rental fee ( i admit it was my fault) ngbgay kayu ng bdo no. pero ayaw po tanggapin ang bnigay nyo dahil card no po lahat d nman account no. im a very busy person and ngkaroon pa ng sakit ang 2ng daugther ko sa I have no time that time naniningil ka to depocit until ang dame po nyo mga tex sa akin na d pumapasok and nagulat n ln ako one day almost 80 tex pla ginawa nyo for 3 days pagpalit ko ng phone ko...Mam sana nga po un halagang 500.00  ikayaman ko pero i doubt it to the fact that because I didnt depocit the 500.00 just as i promise ayun po u make my entire business at sulit totally negative. Maraming salamat po sa ginawa nyo sana masaya kayu mam at sana po sa ginawa nyo nakabayad na ako sa kung anuman naging fault ng company ko.  God bless po naging reason pa tuloy ang baby nyo pra makagawa tau ng desisyon sa buhay n ganito, ...


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